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Dear Ellen, Your phone number and a good time to reach you, please,


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  1. Juan Cruz

    I cry.. I smile.. and get furious…and I hurt…most of all I love..It all happens when I read Four Perfect Pebbles..Thank You Marion….

  2. Paige Cann

    i loved your performance at Columbia Central High school. I learned so much more. you are such an amazing lady, i wanted to come up to the stage and hug you but i was trying not to cry.

  3. Gloria Wagner

    Thank you so much for sharing a wonderful experience with me. What a wonderful way to say Thank You. Nathaniel looks great also. You have touched the lives of so many children and adults with your story which I am sure they will relate to their children. In our travels to Eastern Europe we have encountered so much antisemitism, especially in Budapest. People killing other people just because they practice another religion is rampant. But through your talks and your book, I would be grateful if we even saved one person’s life. You are the conduit to teaching society to respect each other based on your experiences.
    I still would like to meet you and Nathaniel for lunch. Let me know when you are available. Also if you are having a presentation in NY let me know so my husband can finally see what I talk about frequently.
    Love to all,
    Gloria Wagner

  4. Principle Kelly

    Dear Marion Blumenthal Lazen,
    We here at Bernardsville Middle School, NJ, would be very honored in hosting an appearance from you. The 8th grade students are currently reading your inspiring book and would be so overwhelmed if you visited. For any inquiries please contact me at 908-552-5615.

    Principle Shawn Kelly

    1. Marion Blumenthal Lazan Post author

      Apologies for the late response! I did not see your post on my website.

      We are going to be in your area this coming week, speaking in Oak Ridge and West Milford, NJ. On a later trip this spring, we will be in Wayne, New Vernon and Maplewood.

      Thank you for your interest. Please contact me at MARION@fourperfectpebbles.com – I would love to speak with you!

    2. Marion Blumenthal Lazan Post author

      By the way Shawn, we were just practically next door to you at the Harding Township School in New Vernon/Basking Ridge! It would have been nice to visit Bernardsville Middle School. Have a great summer. Hugs, Marion.

  5. Diane Cale

    Dear Marion and Nathaniel,

    I have just returned home from attending your presentation at Auburn Junior High School.

    Your message and the sincerity with which you spoke has touched me profoundly. As one of your generation, the horrors of the Holocaust were realized as a truth; but not as an experience for me.
    Your personal story brought the suffering and indescribable cruelty to a closer reality.

    For many years I was a Social Studies teacher and teaching this period of history was one that I felt most strongly about. Hearing you speak today was a blessing. My heart aches for your personal suffering as well as that of your family.

    Thank you for sharing your story. It is one that all the world should hear, May God bless and keep you.
    You are truly an inspiration.

    Diane Cale

  6. Linda Conway

    Tonight I listened to an incredible story of survival and hope from Marion Blumenthal Lazan in Corning, NY. To hear her story of strength and fortitude to survive the horrors she and her family faced at the hands of the Nazis gave me a better respect of the Holocaust survivors who tell their stories in hopes this will never happen again to any human being. Her story is an inspiration to us. She asked one favor of all who attended “to tell her story and the stories of others who survived the Holocaust to our children, grandchildren, friends and all who will listen. We need to make sure their stories are never forgotten”.

  7. Michael Botermans

    Dear Marion Blumenthal Lazan,

    It is my great pleasure and deepest honor to write to you from East Africa. My name is Michael Botermans. I am a Canadian (retired teacher of 25 years in the Canadian Arctic) with my own children’s home in Kenya, East Africa, for homeless street children, orphans, sick children with HIV/AIDS, and at-risk children.

    I would very much appreciate if I can purchase an autographed copy of your book, Four Perfect Pebbles: A Holocaust Story.

    Can you please tell me the total cost in U.S. Dollars (include shipping and handling) and how I can send you that money? Below is my mailing address in Canada, as I do not have a fixed address in Kenya. I thank you kindly, Marion, and admire your courage, dedication, life story and advocacy for goodness in the world.

    I am a very close friend of a fellow Holocaust survivor and author, Ben Lesser, and of whom I have had the privilege of traveling with across the Canadian Northwest during two of his speaking tours to schools and communities about his experience in Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Dachau and Durnhau labor camp. I have visited Sachsenhausen in 1997 and Auschwitz-Birkenau on 7 different occasions. As a teacher I always made it my quest to teach my students about the Holocaust so that they would learn (many for the first time) and never forget.

    Yours respectfully,

    Michael Botermans
    458 Wellington Street, Brantford, Ontario, Canada, N3S 4B4

    1. Marion Blumenthal Lazan Post author

      Dear Michael, not being great with computers, I just came across your note now. Are you still interested in purchasing the book? In any event, thank you for your interest in Four Perfect Pebbles and best wishes for good health in a peaceful world. Hugs, Marion.

  8. Lily Sleeth

    Also, I forgot to put Dear Marion Blumenthel Lazan. Also, my address is: 216 God’s Country ln Cameron, WV 26033. Thanks!
    Lily Sleeth

    1. Justin

      Dear Mrs Blumethal,

      I wanted to take the time and thank you for coming to our school and giving us the opportunity to hear about your experience. It was very special to hear it from a first hand account. I think it is a important event to cover in history and should never be forgotten and people should be educated about this so it doesn’t happen again.

  9. Christian

    I just want to thank you for coming to my school. I really enjoyed hearing your family stories, they were very inspirational. The book was amazing too! I felt so bad for you when the boiling soup spilled on your leg. Again, thank you so much for what you did, its truly inspiring.

    1. Marion Blumenthal Lazan Post author

      Dear Christian,
      Thank you for your kind note.
      Best wishes for a wonderful future.

  10. DeLisa Ging

    Hello Marion and Nathaniel,

    Thank you so much for coming to Enid and Northern Oklahoma College yesterday. Both of you are fireballs of energy with an important message to share, one of kindness, tolerance, and respect for others. You are wonderfully gracious individuals who left an indelible impression on all in attendance at last night’s performance.

    With much gratitude,

    DeLisa Ging
    Northern Oklahoma College

  11. Nandini

    Dear Mrs. Lazan. Today I met you at my school, Avon Middle School in Avon,Ct. I even got the chance to hug you! But I left as soon as the hug was over and I had no time to tell you anything. But, in truth, I had no words to say. You are a very remarkable person and the most sweetest person I have ever met. Your message inspired me and I hope it will help the world become a little better.
    Best Wishes to you and your family,
    Nandini Anupoju

    1. Marion Blumenthal Lazan Post author

      Dear Nandini – Thank you for your heart-warming message. With this note from you, you made my day!
      Love, and many hugs,

  12. Marion Blumenthal Lazan Post author

    Thank you very much for your kind comments. Speaking of marriage, Nathaniel and I will be married B”H 63 years this coming Tuesday. Hugs, Marion.

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