February 2005 Up-Date

Thank you, all, for the calls made to your local PBS stations. As we get information as to day and time of the airing of MARION`S TRIUMPH in your area, we will try to let you know. Please tell friends and relatives to watch the program. Make a note on your calendar. And, after viewing MT, please let your station know that you did.

Alabama Public Television, ALAB, Wednesday, April 6 at 10 PM

California, San Mateo, KCSM, Tuesday, May 10 at 10 PM

California, Redding, KIXE, Day & Time TBD

Florida, Jacksonville, WJCT, Monday, April 11 at 11 PM

Florida,Orlando, WMFE, Sunday, April 24

Florida, West Palm Beach, WXEL, Sunday, April 3 at 2 PM

Illinois, Carbondale, WSIU, Thursday, April 7 at 11 PM

Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, WILL, Thursday, April 28 at 8 PM

Illinois, Charleston-Mattoon, WEIU, Tuesday, April9 at 9 PM

Illinois, Peoria / Pekin WTVP, Wednesday, April 13 at 9:30 PM

Illinois, Springfield WMEC/WQEC/WSEC, Tuesday at 10 PM

Indiana, Indianapolis, WFYI/28 - WTBU, Wednesday Night, April 13 at 10:30 PM

Iowa, Iowa Public Television IOWA, Wednesday, April 13 at 9:30 PM

Kansas, Wichita, KPTS/28, Saturday night, April 23 at 10 PM

Michigan, Grand Rapids, WGVU-TV, Sunday Night, April 3 at 11:30 PM

Minnesota, Duluth, WDSE, Thursday, April 7 at 7PM and Wednesday, April 27 at midnight

Mississipi Public Television, MISS, Monday, April 25 at 9:00 PM

New York, New York, WNET Channel 13, Sunday, May 8 at 2 PM

New York - Long Island, WLIW, Channel 21, Wednesday, April 13 at 10:00 PM, and on Thursday Morning, April 14 at 2:00 AM 

New York, Syracuse, WCNY Channel 24, Tuesday, April 5 at 10 PM

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, WHYY, Sunday Afternoon, April 24 at 4:00 PM.

Tennessee, Memphis WKNO Saturday Night, April 2 at 10 PM, and Sunday Morning, April 3 at 2 AM

Texas, San Antonio, KLRN, Sunday, April 24 at 6 PM, and Wednesday, April 27 at 4:30 AM

Vermont Public Television, Monday, April 11 at 10 PM

As additional updates come in, they will be posted. If you have an up-date to furnish, please e-mail it to us.Many thanks. 

Now to some wonderful news to share. Mom celebrated her 97th birthday this past February 7th! Mom spent Shabbat (the Sabbath) with us this past Friday night, and she helped peel potatoes, set the table, and on Sunday, took the dishes out of the dishwasher, and folded clothes. What a great help that was! We played a game called “Rummy Cube,” something like gin-rummy, with tiles, not cards. I had a difficult times keeping up with her. We are so proud of Mom. The photo at the bottom right was taken by Nathaniel on the actual day of Mom`s birthday.

The presentation schedule is very hectic for spring, and there are already a few out-of-state presentations scheduled for 2006. I guess educators do understand, as Steven Spielberg put it several years ago, “It is a race against time.” I will continue my mission as long as Nathaniel and I are able.

Take good care, and please remember to be good and kind towards one another.