A Trip Back in Time & Place

60 years have now passed since the liberation of Bergen-Belsen, I had been asked, almost a year earlier, to come to this place that holds so many horrible memories for me, to speak with youth from several countries, including Germany, who would be spending a week at Bergen-Belsen, learning about the atrocities of concentration-camp life, and helping to restore the grounds, so that future visitors will get a better perspective of the horrors that happened there.

Wanting to pass the legacy of the Holocaust down to our own grandchildren, Nathaniel & I designated Arielle, 17, eldest of our 9 wonderful grandchildren, to accompany us on this memorable occasion. Although hesitant at first about missing an important week in SKA, Arielle’s principal, Mrs. Helen Spirn, assured her that in 10 years time, she wouldn’t remember the week missed in school, but would remember this visit to Bergen-Belsen, with her Savta, her entire life. We know she will! 

Following are some of the feelings that Arielle wrote while flying back to our blessed United States of America.


Over the past week, I had the privilege to join my grandparents on a trip to Germany. This is the country where my Savta (Hebrew for grandmother) came from, and she now had the courage to revisit, for the third time. It was not a “fun trip”; rather, it was a commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the liberation from the horrible Nazis. My Savta, Marion Blumenthal Lazan, is one woman who I look up to greatly. Words do not describe her strengths. She is a woman of many words, but they are the right words. She has the power to put a smile on someone’s face, and even change their lives around for the better through her powerful messages.

My Savta was a child of the Holocaust, losing 6 and a half years of her precious childhood (age 4 to 10 ½). Despite all of this, she has a positive attitude. The Nazis were bad, cruel, and evil people, but this doesn’t mean that all Gentiles are, especially not all Germans. Throughout my stay in Germany, I was able to meet many different people. Some were about my age, from 9 different European countries. My Savta’s message is to have tolerance for all people, and not to generalize. We cannot judge a whole group just based on the actions of a few in the group. So when I met these people, kind Gentiles, I realized that her message is very true. I no longer believe that all German Gentiles are bad, just some may be, but we cannot judge too quickly. Only a strong person, such as my grandmother, with determination and perseverance can say this. Savta went through more than anyone could ever imagine, yet all she wants is to have world peace, and for human kind to be good to one another.

This trip has meant a lot to me, and only now in my life was I mature enough to appreciate it to the fullest. It made me understand everything so much more, and it made the Holocaust and my family history so much more real. I recommend that we think about what really happened 60 years ago, because especially in the Jewish community we don’t pay as much attention as we should. Talk of the Holocaust is constantly around us; however, we don’t really put heart to it. Many times we say “oh, another story…” but we shouldn’t do this. Being in this new generation, it’s our responsibility to make sure this horrific period in our history will never happen again.

A very grateful grandaughter,
Arielle Ruth Weinberg

I (Marion) will have more to relate about our visit back to Germany in a future newsletter. In the meanwhile, our wishes to all for a very happy Passover Holiday!

Speaking presentations will be taking us to Champaign-Urbana, Illinois this coming Tuesday morning for what promises to be a very interesting week.

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