Getting Better, Day by Day!


The steady stream of e-mails, cards, telephone calls, visitors, good wishes and prayers are definitely helping speed my recovery. Thank you! Thank you! 

The doctors, nurses and the staff at both South Nassau Communities Hospital and the Wunsch Center for Rehabilitative Therapies at Glen Cove Hospital have all been so accommodating, efficient, caring and kind. My “roommates” have been great!

But, even so, the visits to Augusta/Hutchinson/Wichita, Kansas and Central Illinois have to be rescheduled. I know how hard Jenny Fry of ESSDACK in Hutchinson, and Karen Flach in Strasburg and Mary Barrineau of PBS Station WILL in Champaign-Urbana, worked and planned to coordinate the scheduling of the many schools and organizations. I thank them, and the many others from the participating schools & organizations who worked along with Jenny and Karen & Mary to make the visits meaningful and memorable. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

I thank those in our own community who have offered Nathaniel home hospitality, food and words of comfort.

I also must say a “word” about Nathaniel, who has been running in every direction, keeping an “eye” on Mom, and of course being at my bedside, jotting down all of my instructions. Nathaniel also got a refresher course in shopping, using our washer and dryer, and preparing meals. Now that I know he can do all these useful household chores, I think I will get him to do them on a regular basis. (Just kidding, Nathaniel!)

The doctors have given me great hope that I will be able to make the trip to Holland on November 6, and perhaps to the Carolinas later that month. We shall see what we shall see.

My heart goes out to the Amish Community in Lancaster, as I am sure yours does too, for the unspeakable crime committed against those defenseless young girls this past week. Early this morning, I spoke with my Amish contact in Arcola, Illinois, where I had been scheduled to speak later this month, and we commiserated about the evil that abounds in our world. Let us all try to be good and kind to one another – please!