Holiday Season December 2006


Thanks to your good wishes & prayers, and for the wonderful medical attention and physical therapy I have been receiving, the cam boot that I had been wearing for the past several weeks is now off. Wow – what a relief! I should be “as good as new” in no time at all. 

My first “away from the home” 2 presentations took place this past week at the Lindenhurst High School on Long Island. It really felt good to speak to and with the receptive and responsive students at Lindy High.

All 28 presentations since my mishap (other than the visit to Holland) have been rescheduled. We will be in Farmington, Connecticut in mid-December, and then start full force in the first half of 2007 with presentations in Kansas, Long Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Indiana, Illinois, Florida, California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, the Pittsburgh area, upstate New York, and end the spring season in Vermont. Whew!

Tuesday evening, March 14 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., I have been invited to speak to a community-wide audience to be held at the District Education Center 780 Shoreline Drive, Aurora, Illinois. The public is invited.
If your school or organization is located in this area of Illinois, and might wish to tag on to this particular visit, please contact Rachel DePorte at 

If you are unable to reach Rachel, please e-mail me at

Nathaniel & I wish you a happy, meaningful and safe Holiday Season. Let us pray and hope and work for a new secular year of 2007 that will see true peace, harmony, tolerance and respect in our difficult and fragile world. May our children, and children’s children, live long, happy, productive lives in a world of love and peace.