Early Fall 2007


Labor Day will be observed this coming Monday, September 3rd, signaling the end of our Summer season. And, depending where one lives, school is already in session, or will be shortly. 

We wish our student, teacher and administrator friends a wonderful, productive, and rewarding school year. Nathaniel & I look forward to meeting many of you for the first time, and reconnecting with many of our friends on return visits.

Enjoy the beautiful Fall season.
Best wishes for a healthy, sweet and peaceful Jewish New Year of 5768!

Listed below is our preliminary schedule for Fall 2007/ Spring 2008 (with additional presentations pending) 

6/10/2008 Wednesday Shavuot Day 2

6/9/2008 Monday Shavuot Day 1 

6/4/2008 Wednesday 12:30 PM Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School, Oakdale, New York 

5/5/2008 Monday Oneida Middle School, Schenectady, New York 

5/4/2008 Sunday Evening - Open to the Public Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), Temple Beth Ahm, 550 Lloyd Road, Aberdeen, New Jersey ((732) 583-1700) 

4/28/2008 Monday Afternoon - 1:45 PM Woodmere Middle School, Hewlett, New York 

4/27/2008 Sunday 8th & Final Day of Passover 

4/26/2008 Saturday Passover Day 7 

4/21/2008 Monday Passover Day 2

4/20/2008 Sunday Passover Day 1 

4/11/2008 Friday Morning - 10:00 AM Waverly Park School, East Rockaway, New York 

3/17/2008 Week of March 17 Avon Middle School, Avon; Irving A Robbins Middle School, Farmington; Henry James Memorial School, Simsbury, Connecticut 

3/9/2008 Sunday - Thursday, March 9 - March 13 Schools in Choteau, Montana 

2/24/2008 Week of February 24 - Presentations in South Carolina Gilbert High School, Gilbert; Lexington High School, Lexington; Pelion High School, Pelion; White Knoll High School, Lexington 

2/14/2008 Thursday Morning Blackhawk Middle School, Bensenville, Illinois 

2/14/2008 Thursday Afternoon Blackhawk Middle School, Bensenville, Illinois 

2/13/2008 Wednesday Evening Bensenville Community Public Library, Bensenville, Illinois

2/13/2008 Wednesday Fenton Community High School, Bensenville, Illinois 

2/12/2008 Tuesday Afternoon - 1:00 PM Neuqua Valley High School, Naperville, Illinois 

2/12/2008 Tuesday Evening - 7 PM - Open to the Public Parent Diversity Advisory Council, Howard Crouse Education Center, 780 Shoreline Drive, Aurora, Illinois 

2/11/2008 Monday Afternoon Hadley Junior High School, Glen Ellyn, Illinois 

2/11/2008 Monday Morning Jackson Middle School, Villa Park, Illinois 

2/5/2008 Tuesday Afternoon Stewartsville Middle School, Stewartsville, New Jersey

2/4/2008 Monday Evening 7 PM St Josephs Parish, Downingtown, Pennsylvania 

2/4/2008 Monday Afternoon 1:00 PM St Josephs Parish, Downingtown, Pennsylvania 

1/14/2008 Monday Challand Middle School, Sterling, Illinois 

12/12/2007 Wednesday Evening - 7PM - Open to the Public Parker City Christ Fellowship, Parker City, Indiana 

12/9/2007 Sunday Morning - Open to the Public Jesus the Messiah Church, 2215 Country Club Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 

12/7/2007 Friday Yorktown Middle & High School, Yorktown, Indiana 

12/4/2007 Tuesday Evening - 7 PM Pruis Hall, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana 

12/2/2007 Sunday, December 2 -Thursday, December 13 Presentations at Local Area Schools, Yorktown, Indiana 

11/25/2007 Sunday Flight to Lancaster, South Carolina (& Vicinity), for Week of Presentations 

11/19/2007 Monday - 4:30 PM Temple Beth Torah Hebrew School, Westbury, New York 

11/10/2007 Saturday Evening - Open to the Public Kristallnacht Night Presentation, Oyster Bay Jewish Center, Oyster Bay, New York 

11/8/2007 Thursday Stimson Middle School, Huntington Station, New York 

11/4/2007 Sunday Morning at 11 AM -- Open to the Public Temple Beth Emeth, Mount Sinai, New York 

10/29/2007 Monday 12:30 PM St. Adalbert School, Staten Island, New York 

10/25/2007 Thursday Afternoon St Matthews Catholic School, Champaign, Illinois 

10/25/2007 Thursday Evening - 7 PM - Open to the Public Wesley United Methodist Church, Charleston, Illinois 

10/25/2007 Thursday Morning Danville High School, Danville, Illinois 

10/24/2007 Wednesday Evening - 7 PM - Open to the Public Danville Public Library, 319 North Vermilion, Danville, Illinois 

10/24/2007 Wednesday Morning - 9:15 AM Stephen Decatur Middle School, Decatur, Illinois 

10/24/2007 Wednesday Afternoon - 1:00 PM Tolono Unity High School, Tolono, Illinois 

10/23/2007 Tuesday Morning - 9:00 AM - Open to the Public Arthur High School, Arthur, Illinois 

10/23/2007 Tuesday Afternoon - 1:00 PM Stewardson-Strasburg School & Strasburg Cumberland Junior High School, Strasburg, Illinois

10/22/2007 Monday Afternoon Bement Schools, Bement, Illinois 

10/22/2007 Monday Morning East Prairie Elementary School, Tuscola, Illinois 

10/16/2007 Tuesday Morning Westbrook School, West Milford, New Jersey 

10/16/2007 Tuesday Afternoon Upper Greenwood Lake School, Hewitt, New Jersey 

10/10/2007 Wednesday Afternoon - 1:00 PM Nickerson High School, Nickerson, along with Sterling JR High & High School, Sterling, at Nickerson HS, Kansas 

10/10/2007 Wednesday Web Cast from Nickerson High School, Nickerson, Kansas 

10/10/2007 Wednesday Morning - 9:00 AM Inman Jr/Sr High School, Inman, Kansas 

10/9/2007 Tuesday Afternoon - 1:30 PM Wichita East High School, Wichita, Kansas 

10/9/2007 Tuesday Morning - 9:30 AM Pleasant Valley Middle School, Wichita, Kansas

10/9/2007 Tuesday Evening - 7 PM - Open to the Public Augusta Public Library at Augusta Historic Theatre, 623 State Street, Augusta, Kansas 

10/8/2007 Monday Afternoon 1:00 PM Fairfield Elementary, Stafford, & Stafford High School, Langford, at Ritz Theatre, Stafford, Kansas 

10/8/2007 Monday Morning - 9:00 AM Prairie Hills Middle School, Hutchinson, Kansas 

9/22/2007 Saturday Yom Kippur 

9/19/2007 Wednesday Afternoon Providence Upper Day School, Charlotte, North Carolina 

9/19/2007 Wednesday Morning Providence Lower Day School, Charlotte, North Carolina 

9/18/2007 Tuesday Afternoon Saluda Trail Middle School, Rock Hill, South Carolina 

9/18/2007 Tuesday Morning Westminster Catawba Christian School, Rock Hill, South Carolina 

9/14/2007 Friday Rosh Hashanah Day 2 

9/13/2007 Thursday Rosh Hashanah Day 1