Lauren's Blog


Surfing the net, Nathaniel found the following blog, written by a high school senior. I didn`t even know what a blog was until then! It was so enjoyable to read that I thought you too might enjoy reading it.

“Today I listened to Marion Blumenthal Lazan, a Holocaust survivor, speak about her experience and her life and such. It was really inspiring and uplifting. 

Not to trivialize her story because it was immensely powerful but the thing I was most impressed by was her spirit. This woman is in her seventies and she was like a normal person who joked around and had a happy, relatable demeanor. Usually when I think of senior citizen type people I think of slow walking, old people who are bad drivers and complain about aches and pains all the time, mostly because that’s how every single one of my grandparents are like. This woman was more alive than people my own age though! She was amazing. As ageist as this sounds, she was like a real person. My preconceptions about older people are innate, they’re in my mind without a second thought and she completely defied all of those.

On top of everything she also talked a lot about her husband, Nathanial, who was there with her. She talked to him a few times in her speech and they had this beautiful dynamic. They are about to celebrate their fifty-fifth anniversary and I really feel like they are in love. I just got this sense of perfect comfort between them without any sort of complication and that is truly the greatest thing ever. 

If I get married I hope I can stay with that person for fifty-five years and still be so in love.”

Lauren - I loved it! Thank you.

Best wishes to all for a wonderful rest of summer.