Fall 2004 /
Jewish New Year 5765

The Jewish New Years begins on Wednesday night, September 15, and it is customary to wish friends a happy, sweet and prosperous New Year. To this I would like to add that the year should be filled with good health, productivity and especially Shalom – Peace.

We talk so much about achieving peace, but it is no easy matter. I am determined to continue speaking to as many people (young adults in particular) about the need for love, respect and tolerance for one another, regardless of religious belief, color of the skin or national origin.

In our travels this summer, I saw a young man wearing a Tee shirt inscribed Freedom - it`s just another word for nothing! Really? Evidently he has no real knowledge of imprisonment and worse for so many millions who suffered because their religious belief or political persuasion differed from the ruling despots. And that is why I am so determined to continue telling my Holocaust stories in the hope that young people will take my messages to heart, and not sit passivley by while others suffer degradation and the loss of personal rights.

To those of you who live in Florida, sincere good wishes for an easy and fast clean-up from Hurricane Frances and, hopefully, the lights will get back on quickly. We have one set of children who live in Vero Beach, and who had to evacuate for the second time in 3 weeks. Knowing how disruptive these storms can be, my heart goes out to you all.