Newsletter for March 2011

A week from today, I am off to Illinois for school presentations and the Illinois Reading Council conference in Springfield. Hope to see many of my teacher and librarian friends at the conference! This will be my 3rd time at the conference, and the rewarding results are invitations to speak in other areas of the state.

To date, students from over 200 schools in Illinois have heard my life story, and messages of perseverance, determination, faith, and hope. Several years ago, I presented at the South Carolina Association of School Librarians (S.C.A.S.L.) in Charleston. The result was the same – invitations to speak in schools in many areas of South Carolina, the Palmetto State.

Still hoping to speak to reading councils in other states – maybe South Dakota?-I need to see Mount Rushmore one day in the not too distant future.

By now, I am sure you have seen my YouTube video about the high school in Germany named in my honor. Just in case you didn’t get to watch the video, here is the link. This link will bring you to my YouTube channel where you can view both videos! Marion`s YouTube Channel 

Nathaniel and Emma Denenberg just completed a 2nd YouTube video, titled “Marion’s Story”. It is less than 4 minutes in length, and it portrays what I have been doing these past 20 plus years of my life – speaking in schools and other venues. Please let us know what you think of the videos – and offer comments on what we should include in future ones.

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Best wishes for an early, beautiful and happy spring,