April 23, 1945 – Freedom

It was this past Friday, April 22, when my dearest friend from so long ago, Susi, called from Yerushalayim (Jerusalem), and asked, “Marion, do you know what date tomorrow is?”

“Of course I know,” I answered. How could either of us ever forget that momentous day, 66 years ago, when we and our families were liberated from Nazi tyranny and cruelty. We will always remember that date, as long as we live.
It was the Russian Army that liberated my beloved father, mother, brother Albert, and me, on April 23, 1948.

The Jewish People are in the midst of celebrating the Holiday of Passover – commemorating our freedom from Egyptian bondage thousands of years ago.Quite a remarkable coincidence.

And, coincidentally, it was on April 23, 1948, 3 years later, that my dear mother,now 103 years old, Albert, and I, arrived in the United States.

As we entered New York Harbor, we gazed in awe at the Statue of Liberty for the very first time - that magnificent symbol of freedom, the freedom that had been denied us for so many years. 

My prayer and hope is that oppressed and enslaved people, everywhere, will speedily find freedom and deliverance from evil.

With this thought in mind, Nathaniel and I wish our Jewish Brethren a continued meaningful Passover Holiday, our Christian friends, a joyous and meaningful Easter Holiday, and our friends of all other faiths, good health and contentment. Amen,