Survival, Continuity and Thanksgiving

This past week was very special for us. 7 presentations in northern California, where we met so many wonderful people

And then, on Thursday morning, November 17, we received an early morning call from our daughter Susan, informing us of the birth of our very first great - grandchild – a 5 lb 8 oz beautiful great-granddaughter, born to our granddaughter, Arielle and her husband, Moshe. Susan & Rob are the new grandparents, and Joshua is the proud new uncle. 

On Shabbat (Saturday), November 19, this tiny gift of G-d was officially named Leah Tova, an auspicious date, as that was the birth date of my beloved father, Walter Blumenthal, ZL.

What is so incredible and newsworthy is that there are now 5 generations of women in our family – from Mom, almost 104 years old, down to our little, sweet Leah Tova, one week old today, on this Thanksgiving Day.

We have much to be thankful and grateful for this Thanksgiving Season.

May our Leah Tova, and all children everywhere, enjoy long, healthy, happy and productive lives, in a world of love and peace.