Happy 104th Birthday, Mom

On the way home from a gathering of family and close friends to celebrate Mom’s 104th birthday this past Sunday (the official birth date is today – Tuesday, February 7th), Mom exclaimed that it was a wonderful afternoon. And it definitely was!

As you can see in the photos, Mom looks as beautiful as ever, with a beautiful smile to match. The smile was especially evident whenever Leah Tova, our newest family member, and Mom’s great-great granddaughter, was brought close by. What an incredible joy for Mom to know Leah Tova, making our family 5 generations of strong-willed women. I have that special feeling that Leah Tova will indeed be as stubborn and strong, as efficient and loving, as is her great great grandmother.

How very fortunate we are to realize this great blessing of 5 generations; know that we do not take this good fortune and G-d`s blessings, lightly.

As was said at the party, may we, (B”H) all meet again next year in good health and peace, and celebrate yet another miraculous milestone.

Our best wishes to each of you for a year of blessing – good health, happiness, and peace in the world.

Love and hugs,