Rosh Hashana 5773

Sunday night, September 16, the Jewish People throughout the world will celebrate the New Year of 5773. Time is really flying by!

This gives Nathaniel & me an opportunity, once again, to personally wish each of you a long, healthy, happy sweet, prosperous and peaceful New Year. 

Reading the newspaper, listening to the radio, or watching TV, I know, even after all our hopes and prayers for peace, that the world continues to suffer from terror and war. 

A longtime friend asked, “Marion, why do you continue to travel to school after school, organization after organization, to share your story, and messages of respect and tolerance, in a world that doesn’t seem to care?” 

My answer - we have to keep trying, each and every one of us, to not only preach tolerance and love, but to live it! We have to re-double our efforts to be kind and sensitive to one another, and maybe, just maybe, after a while, we will see a perceptible change for good in our world. AMEN! 

Love & Hugs,
שנה טובה ומתקה