Prayers for Good Health

Because I am given the unique opportunity to share my Holocaust experiences, and universal messages of tolerance and respect, in churches, libraries, organizations, and schools throughout our great country, Nathaniel & I are privileged to meet many kind and loving people, of all faiths. It is not unusual for us to be asked to say a prayer for good health for them, or for a member of their family. Nathaniel, who attends synagogue regularly, makes these prayers throughout the year. 

But, this past Monday was different. It was Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. During services, our rabbi, Heshy Blumstein, led the congregation in prayer for the good health of our members.
The rabbi knows we have a special list. He reminded all in attendance that it is incumbent upon Jews to pray for the good health and welfare of good people, whatever their religious faith or affiliation. Rabbi Blumstein then proceeded to read a special prayer for good health for each and every name on our list. 

We hope and pray that GOD will grant good health, tranquility and peace, to all the good people of the world.