America, the Beautiful

“Summertime, And the livin` is easy - Fish are jumpin` - And the cotton is high” - as is sung in George Gershwin’s inimitable style.

It is summertime now, and I hope you are enjoying a restful, relaxing and pleasant summer respite.

This past fall and spring have been active, with much travel to so many places, with so many talks, and meeting so many wonderful students and adults. I am often asked if I tire of all this travel, and the telling and re-telling of my Holocaust story. Truth be known, I do tire somewhat from the physical aspect of travel – but never from speaking to, and with, the large numbers of people so interested in hearing a first-hand account of those dark and difficult years that happened so many years ago.

So after a restful summer hiatus, and with the start of another school year, back to the flights and car drives that take us to the many schools awaiting visits.

The map above, showing 36 states colored in BLUE, are the states in which I have had the opportunity to visit and to speak. Perhaps one day soon, I will be privileged to visit each of the remaining 14 states comprising the 50 states of our great nation. That would really be an accomplishment. 

The 2nd stanza in Gershwin’s Summertime continues:

“ One of these mornings
You`re going to rise up singing
Then you`ll spread your wings
And you`ll take to the sky” 

Best wishes for a glorious 4th of July!