Marion’s Triumph – Marion’s PBS Documentary

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Marion's Triumph

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During the nightmare known as the Holocaust, the Nazis murdered six million Jews, including one and one half million children. Five million non-Jews were also murdered, among them Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah Witnesses, Christian activists, and anyone else deemed politically or racially undesirable. This story is about one survivor.


In 1938, the Blumenthals began their journey to the U.S. as refugees from Nazi Germany. Just before their scheduled departure from Rotterdam, the Germans invaded Holland, bombed their ship, and they were trapped. What began was six- and-a-half years of horror in Hitler’s camps, and an incredible story of near escapes, dashed hopes and tragedy. Finally, they made it to America in 1948 using the tickets paid for ten years earlier.

At the time of her liberation, Marion Blumenthal weighed 35 pounds. Today she travels the world to bear witness as the last generation of Holocaust survivors. Her memoir, FOUR PERFECT PEBBLES, is in its 34th hardback printing and is taught in schools world-wide. Narrated from her point of view, MARION’S TRIUMPH: SURVIVING HISTORY’S NIGHTMARE is a unique Holocaust documentary that speaks to a young generation. Despite the horrors depicted, MARION’S TRIUMPH differs from other Holocaust stories. It presents a life-affirming, inspirational narrative of survival, reconciliation and the limits of endurance, and renews one’s faith in humanity.

Well illustrated with historical footage, photos and animated flashbacks, it also features surviving members of the Blumenthal family. Some graphic depiction of atrocities. Suitable for ages 10 and up.

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