Four Perfect Pebbles Song


Several years ago, John Holt read Marion’s memoir and  watched Marion’s PBS documentary Marion’s Triumph  on his Pittsburgh PBS channel where he lives. He then called Marion, asking  permission to write a 2 act musical about her Holocaust experiences. And so it came to pass!

The title song, aptly named Four Perfect Pebbles, is sung by (then) eleven year  Lyric Ackelson of Butler, PA.

SHEET MUSIC: for String Orchestra and Choir
Arranged by Don Fantozzi, Music Director of Avon Middle School, Connecticut,
and by Tom Kawiecki, who coordinated the students’ performance.

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The Lyrics


Four Perfect Pebbles in my hand

Some made of granite, some of sand.

Found in this dark and desolate land

Four Perfect Pebbles in my hand.

Mother comforts Albert and me

Father shields us from misery.

No parent’s love can ever erase

This sad and forgotten, lonely place.

Four Perfect Pebbles do I see

One for each member of my family.

I’ll hold them tight, I will not cry

All will live, no one will die.

If I should lose my precious stones

My secret hiding place will reveal

More perfect pebbles far beneath

These barracks made of wood and steel.

Four Perfect Pebbles do I see

Mother, Father, Albert and me

I count them over one by one

I fall fast asleep, my work…is…done.

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All Rights Reserved

John Holt June 2005
Sung by Lyric Ackelson

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